The Clinton-China Axis?

Friday, March 19, 1999

e used to respond to high treason in this country with a trial, a conviction and either a life sentence or a trip to the electric chair. Now we respond with a pink slip and a request to clean out your desk. Oh, and if you need a reference, just type something out and leave it with my secretary.

It is now becoming obvious, unless you are connected with the Clinton White House, that China is preparing for war. As far as modernizing their once ragtag military, what they have not been able to build, they have stolen with the ease of ordering a hamburger and fries at the local diner.


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In some cases they simply set up dummy corporations to purchase declassified military hardware that the Pentagon has mistakenly marked as surplus. At other times they rely on a White House that understands the term "donor maintenance" and is more than happy to allow a known spy to operate with impunity, as he gives away our most closely guarded national secrets.

I believe it is difficult for the average American to comprehend that a President would give away the security of this proud country for a few million dollars. Judging by the public reaction, I imagine this will take some time for people to understand. Indeed, perhaps no one will understand until it is too late.

No one could ever have imagined such a thing being done by the high caliber of statesmen who have occupied the Oval Office throughout our history. No President has ever had his loyalty to our Constitution and our form of government questioned. Kennedy, for all his frivolities and Mafia connections, hated the Russians and stood firm against them, however clumsily. Certainly neither Eisenhower, Nixon, Carter nor Johnson would have been capable of such a thing. The depth of betrayal and treachery is almost impossible to fit one's mind around. But we must try. The survival of our nation, as well as freedom around the world, depends on it.

The President's National Security Adviser, Samuel Berger (then Deputy NSA), was told in April of 1996 by Department of Energy officials that China had successfully stolen, fabricated and tested a model of our W-88 warhead that is placed within the Trident D-5 submarine-launched ballistic missile. Berger was even told that the suspected spy worked at the Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory in New Mexico.

By all accounts, Berger completely ignored the warning, obviously mindful of the millions in illegal campaign cash that Democratic fund raiser John Huang was shoveling into the DNC at the time. White House officials quickly determined that this allegation of espionage would have no bearing on administration policy towards China. The Justice Department took a typically leisurely attitude, and according to the Washington Times, the FBI failed to even keep the CIA's counterintelligence office informed of the investigation's status.

When the FBI finally did get around to informing the DOE that they should relieve the suspect of his position, he was not fired until over a year had passed. All the while we can assume that he continued feeding sensitive information to China about nuclear weapons. There is a term for this sort of behavior, and it is called "high treason." Though espionage is certainly a dismissible offense, punishment does not usually stop there unless you are giving the subject time to head for the hills. According to the New York Times, a DOE employee was told not to inform Congress of the spy allegations because it could be used to ridicule their China policy. Meanwhile, China has now leaped years ahead in its quest to modernize its military so that it can win a war against the United States.

Yes, the money of the People's Liberation Army has been well spent. They have bought themselves a President. The connections may go back many years, but the result is the wholesale destruction of our national security so that one man could capture 49% of the vote in an election.

The PLA has all the time in the world. There are no elections in China. They can afford to look ahead ten, fifteen years to prepare for possible conflict. They can feed terrorist nations around the world with nuclear material to destabilize the international scene. Meanwhile, they can continue to target every major city in the United States with nuclear weaponry, as they now have, and can continue to build up their conventional forces for an invasion of Taiwan.

Would Clinton fight his political benefactors? Who can say?

But we needn't worry. The Clinton Administration plan to spread peace and love to all nations will continue. According to the South China Morning Post, the United States Military and PLA will soon run a joint exercise between U.S. Special Forces and elite Chinese soldiers.

How multicultural! Showing off our best and brightest to our most likely enemy!

China will certainly make sure that they get to observe U.S. Special Forces in action while revealing as little of their own field tactics as possible. And while China studies our hand, we'll most assuredly continue to twiddle our thumbs.

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