Various White House Responses to Willey's "60 Minutes" Interview
March 16, 1998

The following are a few of the responses from the president, White House press statements and media interviews concerning Kathleen Willey's interview on CBS's "60 Minutes":

"Nothing improper happened. As you know the story's been in three different incarnations. I have said that nothing improper happened."

"I have a very clear memory of the meeting. I told the truth then, I told the truth in the deposition."

"I am mystified and disappointed by this turn of events."

"I have done everything I could do to clarify the situation

-- President Clinton in response to Kathleen Willey's interview on "60 Minutes"


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"As the president emphatically stated under oath and reaffirms today, Ms. Willey's allegation is simply not true. He did not touch her, and she did not touch him, in any sexual manner."

-- from aWhite House statement issued in the name of James Kennedy, a spokesman attached to the White House counsel's office who handles inquiries about Kenneth Starr's investigation into Lewinsky, Willey, etc.

"What I saw last night was someone who talked about being angry, feeling that she has been taken advantage of. And yet in 1996, when she was no longer associated with the president or the White House, she came to see me and said 'I really want to work in this campaign.' There was such a contradiction between what I saw and heard last night and the person I met with in 1996.''

"No, this is my personal message. Watching last night, I thought, gee, if I hadn't had my personal experience [with Mrs. Willey], how would I feel about it?''

-- White House spokesperson Ann Lewis during a Monday morning appearance (March 16) on NBC's "Today" show.

The White House has also released letters and e-mail which Kathleen Willey had sent to the president before and after their meeting of Nov. 29, 1993. The following are some excerpts...

May 3, 1993

Mrs. Willey: ``Dear Mr. President. The enclosed tie is named 'President's shoes.' I couldn't think of another president I know who could do it better justice than you!

... I watched you at the press correspondents' dinner on Saturday evening -- you were hilarious -- at least you haven't lost your sense of humor! Thanks again for all your help -- don't let the bastards get you down!''

Clinton (handwritten): ``Dear Kathleen. I love the tie. Thanks. ...

Best, Bill.''

July 21, 1993 (Clinton's longtime friend and aide, Vince Foster, had just killed himself.)

Mrs. Willey: ``I'm so very sorry for your loss. I know that your deep faith will get you through this."

Clinton (handwritten): ``Dear Kathleen. Thanks for your note about Vince and for your friendship. Best, Bill.''

Aug. 4, 1993

Mrs. Willey: '' ... regarding your possible vacationing in Colorado next week. ... I would be more than happy to assist your advance people with their arrangements.''

Clinton, in note to staff: ``Get me her Vail (Colo.) (number)''

Oct. 12, 1993

Mrs. Willey: ``I've just finished this book and thought that you'd enjoy it, if for no other reason than the fact that you just happen to be one of the characters! ...

Clinton (in typed reply): ``Thanks for your note and for giving me a copy of Jeffrey Archer's 'Honor Among Thieves.''' (Jotted in the margin): ``Glad to see you at the ropeline. Thanks for your help.''

Nov. 22, 1993 (Seven days before the disputed meeting)

Mrs. Willey: ``... I would very much like to have a few minutes of your time to discuss something of importance to me. ...''Clinton, in note to staff: ``I'll see her next week.''

Dec. 20, 1993

Willey: ``I just wanted to wish you a wonderful Christmas ... Thank you for the opportunity to work in this great house.

``After this bittersweet year, my first resolution for 1994 will be the pursuit of a meaningful job -- I hope it will be here.''

No Clinton reply.

June 17, 1994

Mrs. Willey: ``... how caring and heartfelt your speech was on D-Day.

`While you have had many shining moments, that day was for me the proudest I have been that you are our president.''

Clinton to staff: ``Should send her a copy of speech.'' On a copy of speech, Clinton jots: ``To Kathleen Willey. With Thanks. Bill Clinton.''

Oct. 18, 1994

Mrs. Willey: ``... I have invested almost three years with your campaign and administration and am not very willing to depart yet. I would like to be considered for an ambassadorship or a position in an embassy overseas. ...

``I don't need to remind you of my willingness to help you in any way that I can.''

No Clinton reply.

Nov. 11, 1994

Mrs. Willey: ... ``Take heart in knowing that your number one fan thanks you every day for your help in saving her wonderful state.''

No Clinton reply.

Feb. 14, 1995

Mrs. Willey: ``I would very much like to be considered for'' a position on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

Clinton to staff: ``Is this what Shelia Lawrence did? Can we do this for her?''

Dec. 5, 1995

Mrs. Willey: ``... while I am very much in need of employment, I think that the Clinton-Gore campaign needs me too. I am free to travel and work on your behalf for the next year. ... Fondly, Kathleen.''

Clinton (typed letter): ``... I'm glad to hear you've already met with (aides) regarding a job with the campaign. It sounds like you're on the right track. ..."

Nov. 13, 1996

Mrs. Willey: ``Congratulations on your outstanding win on November 5th. How fortunate for us all that you will lead us into the 21st century. ...''

No Clinton reply.

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