Make It So!

"Have you ever wondered, Numba One, why I, a Bald Man, am so intoxicating to women..."

"...while you, a Hairy Ape, can't even gather my leftovers?"

"Even when I was but a lad, spending the summers of my youth roaming the open countryside of Kansas, women of all ages found me irresistibly attractive."

"True, I was the only 14-year-old bald boy in Kansas, but it mattered not."

"Indeed, young Jean-Luc was quite an item!"

"In fact, the girlies had to stand in line for the chance to spend a little bit of time with the only boy in Kansas with a French name and an English accent!"

"I remember fondly my appropriate use of quotations from Winston Churchill while lounging in rickety, old hay barns on slow Kansas afternoons with big-boned Kansas women."

"Ahh... that struck a chord with you, did it not, Numba One?"

"Would that you had spent more time in your youth pursuing such pleasures..."

"...instead of hunting through the Alaskan wilderness with that man Wharf with the huge ass on his head!"

"Such a piddling way you have, Numba One."

"Now! Remove yourself from my sight! You bother me."


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