Tax Fairies?

Ted Cruz annoys me to no end.

His podium presence reminds me of a high school debate student who binge-watches the musical, 1776, for its oratorical insights.

While aspiring public speakers are told to master their stage fright by imagining the audience in its underwear, Cruz seems to have chosen the strategy of picturing a powdered wig on his head.

Add to this the faux contemplative, pregnant pauses in his speech, and the concerned, beseeching angles of his eyebrows, and you’re left with a vomit-inducing act with its Insufferable Ass knob dialed to 11.

But I digress.

Cruz is on my mind today thanks to this from Kevin Drum, which effortlessly pokes holes in the Texas senator’s goal of eliminating the IRS:

Cruz also thinks he can eliminate the IRS. Or, in any case, “the IRS as we know it.” Has anyone asked him just why he thinks this? His plan still has a 10 percent income tax. It has a standard deduction. It has a child tax credit. It has an EITC. It includes a charitable deduction. It includes a home mortgage deduction. And there’s a business VAT to replace the corporate income tax. So who’s going to oversee and collect and audit all this stuff? Tax fairies?

Here’s hoping “tax fairies” become as commonplace in our political vernacular as Obamacare.