Rubio And The Rube-Wing Media:

I find it hilarious that Marco Rubio’s team thought it could confuse certain right-wing media, however briefly, by questioning the accuracy of a Spanish-to-English translation of Rubio’s recent Univision interview.

Here’s Jonathan Chait:

Rubio has renounced his own [immigration] plan, but he is being very cagey. In an interview with Univision last month, he promised not to overturn Obama’s executive [immigration] action until a legislative solution would be put in its place. (Rubio’s advisers initially told conservative media that his interview, which took place in Spanish, was mistranslated, but ultimately conceded that the initial interpretation was fundamentally correct.)

As daunting as conservatism’s Latino problem may be, it appears its partisan media is at least up to the task of properly verifying a Spanish translation.

Though I’m not sure Rubio should be blamed for underestimating them… heh.