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Old Clark Field, The University of Texas:

From 1928 until 1974, The University of Texas boasted one of the most visually interesting baseball parks in the country. Clark Field. The limestone outcrops and cliffs of Austin, Texas — and westward into the Texas Hill Country — are distinctive and beautiful.  Only recently did I stumble upon a photo depicting their presence across […]

My Bobble Head Yoda, Tho:

Bobble head Yoda ponders his bobble head existence on a shelf in my sound studio — providing creative mojo.  

“I Just Don’t Like The Guy”:

Just trying to sort this out– We all know George W. Bush thinks Dick Cheney is a swell guy. Let’s also consider that Dubya once looked Vladimir Putin in the eye, said that he gained a sense of Putin’s very soul — and deemed him “trustworthy.” Yet he dislikes Ted Cruz. In what universe can […]

All Trumped Out?

I’ll just post this from Kevin Drum in its entirety (because it’s awesome): Message to everyone: You don’t have to cover Donald Trump’s every move. Honest. If you’re going to whine and complain about how he’s sucking all the oxygen out of the race, then stop covering him unless he does something genuinely newsworthy. Which […]

Is Trump Trolling The GOP?

In the past, Donald Trump has held several liberal political positions — on abortion rights, raising taxes on the rich, and universal health care: [H]e was once a registered Democrat who called for legalizing drugs, a massive one-time 14.25 percent tax on the wealthy and staying out of wars that didn’t present a “direct threat” […]

Repenting Of My High School’s Confederate Flag:

Repenting Of My High School’s Confederate Flag:

As a guy who grew up in a community whose neighborhood high school was dripping with symbols of the Confederacy, I’m all too familiar with folks who defend the Confederate flag with claims that it represents “heritage, not hate.” History, of course, doesn’t leave much room for this argument. From the 1940’s to the 1960’s, […]

A Spike Lee Joint:

For me, an Instagram gem:  Bono on Spike Lee’s IG feed. Last Night The Lee’s Checked Out U2’s Great Show At The United Center Here In Chicago. Afterwards BONO Rocked His CHI-RAQ Baseball Hat. U2 Is Coming To The Worlds Most Famous Arena-Madison Square Garden For 8 SOLD OUT Joints. Awwwwwwwwww Sheeeeeeetttttt. Y’Know I’m Goin’ […]

Social Conservatism & Pharisaic Christianity

In the wake of yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 states, a disappointing response from the governor of my home state of Texas, Greg Abbott: Marriage was defined by God. No man can redefine it. We will defend our religious liberties. #tcot — Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) June 26, 2015 What social conservatives […]

Underselling Climate Change?

Over at, David Roberts points out that for over 30 years, climate scientists have been telling the public, “We’re running out of time; we’ve only got five or 10 years to turn things around, but we can do it if we put our minds to it.” The obvious problem here:  We’ve now passed several […]

Rubio And The Rube-Wing Media:

I find it hilarious that Marco Rubio’s team thought it could confuse certain right-wing media, however briefly, by questioning the accuracy of a Spanish-to-English translation of Rubio’s recent Univision interview. Here’s Jonathan Chait: Rubio has renounced his own [immigration] plan, but he is being very cagey. In an interview with Univision last month, he promised […]