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The Coffee Shop Times has been an ongoing web publishing experiment/hobby of mine since 1998. It has taken two main forms: webzine and blog.

Most recently, an oft-neglected blog.

But in its early days as a webzine (when I had more free time on my hands), it was a source of commentary and context for news and pop culture.

Organizations such as Newsweek, the BBC, The Los Angeles Times, The London Daily Telegraph, The Christian Science Monitor, Fortune Magazine, Yahoo! News, and Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish — all linked to the eclectic content here at The Coffee Shop Times.

In 2004, the transition from webzine to blog began.  By 2006, the site had fully converted to a blog format.

I’m always saying to myself that I should dedicate more energy to this blog. But long hours at work — and trying to get the most out of family time at home — usually thwart such ambitions.

Still, I do update things now and then. And there’s always the chance for a brief flurry of unannounced activity.

In my professional life, I’m the Production and Creative Imaging Manager for The Dallas Cowboys Radio Network. I also work as Game Day booth mixer — and manage Affiliate Relations for the Network.

Born in 1971. Happily married with child. Christian.

Thanks for stopping by,

Douglas Barricklow
The Coffee Shop Times
Twitter: @DeepCoffee