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Dumbledore’s Army:

I refreshing exchange on Twitter this morning between author J.K. Rowling and a fan: Lest Potter Fan Ana Kocovic be misunderstood as homophobic, she immediately replied: amazing answer… Yes you are absolutely right. Such an inspiration!!! And followed up again with additional context for her question: I wish that McGonagall and Dumbledore are couple So, […]

Ted Cruz is Runnin’:

There are some things my native state of Texas shouldn’t export. Ted Cruz is one of them. More Matthew McConaughey, less Cruz. But here’s Kevin Drum this morning flagging a fresh bit of news from The Los Angeles Times: For years, business lobbyists complained about what they derided as “job killer” laws that drive employers […]

Another Historic Low:

When Arctic sea ice peaked this winter, it was the lowest maximum on record: Arctic sea ice has reached its peak winter extent for the year, and it’s the lowest winter maximum on record. The sea ice cap of the Arctic appeared to reach its annual maximum winter extent on Feb. 25, according to data […]

Flippers Crossed:

A Gray Seal, waiting patiently. (Or perhaps signaling for a relief pitcher…) Photo by @BrianSkerry A Gray Seal folds its flippers and poses underwater in the Gulf of Maine. Extending from Cape Cod to Nova Scotia, the Gulf of Maine and its surrounding waters have been the economic bedrock of New England’s coastal communities, supporting […]

It’s All Happening At The Zoo:

My mother-in-law once gave my wife an incredibly unique birthday present: a commissioned painting by an elephant. A resident of the Fort Worth Zoo, the elephant is named Rasha.  She’s over 40-years-old, a proud grandmother, and, as you will see — an artist. Some creative souls agonize over their work.  Not Rasha. Her brush is […]

“Overt Bigotry Against Muslims”:

Sadly, here we are: Media outlets, particularly on TV, are increasingly promoting overt bigotry against Muslims, stating over and over that Islam is an inherently violent religion and that peaceful Muslims are somehow to blame for ISIS. Hateful stereotypes are treated as fair game; the question of whether Muslims are somehow lesser human beings is raised as […]

Full Moon Setting (From Space):

Via NASA’s Instagram account… Moon Set from Space: Astronaut Terry Virts posted this video and wrote, ‘Full #moon setting over Hokkaido and Vladivostok.’ Virts and #ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti were in the U.S. Quest airlock yesterday conducting airflow monitor tests, measurements and calibrations. The tests were part of the Airway Monitoring experiment that is looking for […]

Faith & Doubt:

In C.S. Lewis’ classic Mere Christianity, one must only read a couple of pages into the chapter on “Faith” before encountering a refreshingly frank discussion on doubt: Now Faith, in the sense in which I am here using the word, is the art of holding on to things your reason has once accepted, in spite […]