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Happy Holidays:

From my twitter feed, @DeepCoffee: Bing Crosby currently in rotation on my 1940’s Truetone console… 🎄📻🎄 — Douglas Barricklow (@DeepCoffee) December 24, 2015  

Critics — The Real “Phantom Menace”:

Critics — The Real “Phantom Menace”:

Originally published on Monday, May 24, 1999, in The Coffee Shop Times. I’ve seen “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” three times already. The last occasion was a 5:15 AM showing — that’s right, 5:15 in the morning — at a large theatre near UCLA. You’re thinking I’m crazy, I’ll bet, but there were at least […]

Famous Brits Who Couldn’t Drive (Very Well):

Famous Brits Who Couldn’t Drive (Very Well):

What did J.R.R. Tolkien and John Lennon have in common? I mean, besides international fame, British birth certificates, and well-developed right brains? For both, automotive travel presented prohibitive challenges. In Tolkien: A Biography, by Humphrey Carter, we find out that Mrs. Tolkien had good reason to boycott Sunday drives in the family car, “Jo”: There […]


The French people still committing beautiful acts of artistic flourish: Live from #Eiffeltower Despite of this tragedy, Paris will always be Paris, French will always be French and democracy will always wins against terrorism. You can kill us 10 times, we will stand up 11 #paris #prayforparis A photo posted by Pierrick (@pierrickfl) on Nov […]

From The Twitter Feed…

When you won’t help #SyrianRefugees because that good deed might put your own skin at risk, the Sorting Hat places you in #Slytherin — Douglas Barricklow (@DeepCoffee) November 16, 2015  

Tax Fairies?

Tax Fairies?

Ted Cruz annoys me to no end. His podium presence reminds me of a high school debate student who binge-watches the musical, 1776, for its oratorical insights. While aspiring public speakers are told to master their stage fright by imagining the audience in its underwear, Cruz seems to have chosen the strategy of picturing a […]

Old Clark Field, The University of Texas:

From 1928 until 1974, The University of Texas boasted one of the most visually interesting baseball parks in the country. Clark Field. The limestone outcrops and cliffs of Austin, Texas — and westward into the Texas Hill Country — are distinctive and beautiful.  Only recently did I stumble upon a photo depicting their presence across […]

My Bobble Head Yoda, Tho:

Bobble head Yoda ponders his bobble head existence on a shelf in my sound studio — providing creative mojo.  

“I Just Don’t Like The Guy”:

Just trying to sort this out– We all know George W. Bush thinks Dick Cheney is a swell guy. Let’s also consider that Dubya once looked Vladimir Putin in the eye, said that he gained a sense of Putin’s very soul — and deemed him “trustworthy.” Yet he dislikes Ted Cruz. In what universe can […]

All Trumped Out?

I’ll just post this from Kevin Drum in its entirety (because it’s awesome): Message to everyone: You don’t have to cover Donald Trump’s every move. Honest. If you’re going to whine and complain about how he’s sucking all the oxygen out of the race, then stop covering him unless he does something genuinely newsworthy. Which […]