Starr Outlines Conditions for Immunity
February 6, 1998

For days the media have been trying to verify the status of the ongoing negotiations concerning immunity between Kenneth Starr's office and Monica Lewinsky's lawyers. In a statement issued by Starr's office on Wednesday, it was made clear that investigators will not begin to discuss the possibility of immunity until they are allowed to meet with Ms. Lewinsky face-to-face.

According to the statement, Starr's investigation team does not believe it can "responsibly determine whether she is telling the truth without speaking directly to her."

Kenneth Starr says if immunity were granted and this condition had not been met, there would be the risk that Ms. Lewinksky--without fear of prosecution--might provide less than "complete and truthful testimony."

The statement also indicated it might be deemed appropriate to have Ms. Lewinsky take a polygraph test.


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